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The limited editions of Smack are only available once a year. Marble is our first special edition, don't miss your chance, quantities are limited.

Our Silicone Grip Organizer mat is perfect to keep your tools together within proximity. This divided mat is perfectly sized for many kind of tools and beauty care products. A strong suction base ensures the mat stays put. Silicone can withstand low and high temperatures, perfect for flat iron. Made with 100% silicone that’s durable, chemical and bacteria resistant.

  • EASY-TO-CLEAN:  You can hand wash it, throw it in the dishwasher, or even boil it. Dishwasher-safe (top rack for better result)
  • HEAT RESISTANT: Up to 400°F/204°C
  • POWERFUL GRIP: The Smack mat is built to stay. It's unique chemistry enables it to grip on to whatever surface it is placed on without sliding or falling, while still allowing for easy placement and removal. 
  • SURFACE PROTECTION: Using the Smack mat prevents scratches and dents on your delicate surface.
  • TOOL ACCESSIBILITY: Any tool, any time, and any place. 
  • FLEXIBILITY: Not only is the Smack mat extremely durable, but it also bends, folds, or rolls any way you need it to, always returning to its original shape. 
  • PREVENTS TOOL LOSS: With the Smack mat, your tools aren’t going anywhere.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Smack mat is made out of a polymer-silicone blend and has specific properties to make it resistant to all types of chemicals, includind Acetone.
  • ANTI-STATIC: It won’t stick to or get caught on any other surfaces, either, providing you with a safer and more convenient work environment for your electronics. 

designed in canada

built to last

We've always believed in the power of quality made goods.

We have developed and tested our products with the help of professionals from different sectors of the beauty care industry. We believe we have designed a tool that will change the way we work.

100% silicone

Why We Love Silicone

Strong suction base

The suction is real